T shirt Design … the art of

While you don’t need to be a designer to appreciate a t shirt, learning the basics of tshirt design can help you create one for yourself or help you buy the perfect tee shirt for your needs. T-shirt design could really be thought of as art in motion, allowing you to express yourself with your clothing as well as help you create a wardrobe that fits with your lifestyle. From design to materials, your choices of t shirts are many and that’s really the fun part.

Design a T shirt – your customized t-shirts

Even thought most of us will simply buy a t shirt without any thought to t shirt design, maybe this isn’t the best way to approach your choice. In fact, you may be limiting your ability to express yourself by how you view the design of a t shirt. There are so many different types and styles of t-shirts available for example :

  • Long sleeve t shirts
  • Short sleeve t shirts
  • Babydoll t shirts
  • Sleeveless t shirts
  • Tight t shirts
  • Loose t-shirts
  • Children’s t shirts
  • Women’s fitted t-shirts
  • Men’s t shirts

Each of these t shirts allows you to present yourself in a certain way. For example, tighter t shirts work well for casual situations and looser t shirts will work well for working out and outdoor activities.

The basic tshirt design starts with two identical pieces of cloth, cut into the shape of a ‘t’ and then stitched together, added sleeves, and then given a sort of collar for the final touch. The cloth or material can then be dyed to suit any color preference as well as decorated to help create a unique look.

The materials used in tshirt design can vary as well. From silks to cottons, microfibers and polyester, t shirts are designed and crafted in a number of ways.

Want to Design Your Own customized T-Shirt?

Of course, if you’re not satisfied with the tshirt design ideas you find in stores, you may want to look for ways to create your own look. For example, you might want to take a basic t shirt and add some colors or a tie dyed look. Other ideas include:

  • Adding text to the shirt
  • Adding pictures or photographs
  • Using permanent markers or specialist t-shirt inks
  • Adding accessories like sequins, costume jewelry etc
  • Screen Printing for large volumes of tees
  • Piecing t shirts together
  • Sewing on pieces of other materials
  • Taking the t shirt to a design company

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to tshirt design. If you have an idea, it’s just a matter of finding a way to adhere that design or that shape to the tshirt itself.

Finding a tshirt design company is simple in these days of high tech machinery. You can find a number of tshirt design companies in your hometown (usually for sports teams and charity events) or you can go online and find many companies that use digital technology to create new t shirt designs.

Creating your own look is a great way to get attention from others as well as truly express yourself and your personality. By exploring the possibilities of tshirt design, you will be able to make a statement without saying a word at all.

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