Fundraising Mental Health Tshirt

A Topeka, Kansas, USA man hopes his T-shirt creation will raise people’s spiritual consciousness — and generate money for a local mental health agency.

Gary Plemons, 51, a resident of the Landmark Plaza apartments at 1001 S. Kansas Ave. in downtown Topeka, has commissioned a local shop to print gray T-shirts with a drawing he made and the words, “Jesus is My Psychiatrist” and “The Word of God is My Therapy.”

Plemons said he came up with the saying based on his life’s experience.

“He’s definitely a psychiatrist,” Plemons said, referring to Jesus, “and your therapy is right there in the Bible.”

The first shirt rolled out of the print shop Wednesday. By noon Thursday, Plemons said, he had sold 12 shirts for $10 apiece.

Source : Extract from Article, “Topekan starts T-shirt fundraiser” By Phil Anderson, The Capital Journal (

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