Fashion police to ban T-shirts in Colleges in Indian State

The fashion police of the State Government of Tamil Nadu, India may soon issue a decree to all arts and science colleges instructing their students not to wear T-shirts or sleeveless dresses to classes.

According to the “The Hindu”, officals say the decree stems from complaints and requests by many college principals over the past two years. According to complaints, the issue is that students are wearing t-shirts that are either too revealing, or have obscene words and messages printed on them.

The proposed move has also received sharp criticism, with many academics decrying the fact that this is another assault on already threatened liberal values on campus.

According to the same paper, in a separate move, the Tamil Nadu government has recently issued a circular requiring all government employees refrain from wearing tshirts or jeans and requiring all state employees follow a strict dress code a move which Shalini Rajneesh, DPAR Secretary is needed to “maintain dignity and decorum in a government office”.

Whatever about Government officials, what is your average college student going to wear without a quirky tee shirt ??

It seems the anti tshirt fashion police are thriving in Tamil Nadu …

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