Taylor’s t-shirt trouble !

First there was the debacle with the Abercrombie & Fitch tshirt mocking Taylor Swift and now t-shirt printer  Kevin Adams of Watch Hill, Rhode Island has been forced by Taylor’s people to stop selling his shirts celebrating the fact that Swift has recently bought a new house in the town !

According to Cambio.com Entertainment News, when Taylor purchased a new home in the town, local tshirt printing store owner Kevin Adams created a new t-shirt inspired by an Andy Warhol portrait to celebrate the fact that Taylor Swift had moved to the town. Adams said, “It’s pretty big news with Taylor coming here, so we wanted to make a fun tee shirt. We purposely made one that didn’t say her name on it. Then we put it on our Facebook page and people liked it, so we started selling it”.  Soon, Adams was contacted by representatives of  Swift who told him to stop printing the shirts !

According to Independent.ie Abercrombie & Fitch recently felt the wrath of Swift’s fans and were forced by their backlash to remove a t-shirt which appeared to mock Swift.

T-shirt trouble on the double for Swift it seems !