Dirty Habit T-shirt design criticised

SUPERSTAR WA footballer Buddy Franklin’s debut as a high-end T-shirt designer may be shot down in flames – thanks to a design that may breach anti-tobacco advertising laws.

The controversial T-shirt features a large print of a model smoking, underscored with the words: DIRTY HABIT.

Anti-smoking group Quit has complained loudly about the shirt – saying it is prohibited under anti-tobacco promotion laws and sends a dangerous message to kids from one of the AFL’s highest profile role models.

The Hawthorn goalkicking demon launched his designer T label – Nena & Pasadena – last month.

But the Department of Health and Ageing confirmed yesterday it would investigate the T-shirt, which designer Paul Edwards argues sends an anti-smoking message.

“We feel that the mere fact that the slogan is DIRTY HABIT sends a pretty obvious message that the Nena & Pasadena crew finds smoking, even when being done by the gorgeous woman, pretty uncool and merely a dirty habit,” he said.


Extracted from Article by : Grant McArthur From: Herald Sun July 06, 2010

Source : http://www.perthnow.com.au/lifestyle/buddy-franklin-t-shirt-design-shot-down-in-flames/story-e6frg3s3-1225888907442