Vintage T-shirt Auction

Who would have thought an old second hand worn t-shirt could make up to $4000 !!! Well I guess it depends on who the owner was and whether the tee has become an iconic image of events or times past ! Christies of New York, yes that’s right the people who mostly deal with high class art auctions (!), are having an auction of Rock & Pop Memorabilia and 30 vintage rock & pop t-shirts featured in Johan Kugelberg’s “Vintage Rock T-Shirts” will be sold by Christie’s on Nov. 30.

Here are some of the examples of vintage t-shirts available at the auction :

Yardbirds - 1967 T-shirt

Original, yellow Yardbirds logo T-shirt worn by music journalist Greg Shaw while attending the Monterey Pop Festival in June, 1967. One of the earliest known rock T-shirts. Accompanied by a copy of the book, Vintage Rock T-Shirts.

I guess it would be kinda cool to own one of the earliest known rock t-shirts, and they do throw in a free book with your $4000 forty year old tee ! I’ve been to music festivals and after such racous events I wouldn’t use the t-shirt I wore for the weekend to wipe the floor …. lol !

Led Zeppelin - 1973 Tour T-shirt

1973 tour t-shirt with classic Led Zeppelin logo on front and SHOWCO on back. Accompanied by a copy of the book, Vintage Rock T-Shirts
Estimate: $1,500-2,000

christies rock tee shirt auction

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