US Election send T-shirt Designers into Overdrive

The dynamic election speeches of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton at the 2008 Democratic Convention have sent t-shirt designers like into a frenzy.
“Even Republicans are saying Hillary and Bill hit it out the park” says owner Lisa Lashawn.

While other T-shirts designers were at home glued to the screen, her staffers had T-shirts with “Thanks but, no thanks” ready to go before Bill Clinton even finished his speech! Clinton spoke the phrase after talking about Republican John McCain. Clinton believes McCain would give America four more years of the last eight years.


“Send them a message, you tell em “Thanks but…no thanks.” Smart t-shirt retailers like Lisa Lashawn know a T-shirt slogan when she hears one. That phrase along with “No way, no how, no McCain” from Hillary’s speech are both new designs

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/24-7PressRelease/ – CHICAGO, IL, August 30, 2008 –