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Do you need a quotation for tshirt printing for your company, your sports team, a hen party, stag party or any kind of customised t-shirt printing ? If so please fill in the details on our quick t-shirt printing quotation form and we will quote you promptly with our terrific best price bulk discounts.

Please note Minimum order of 10 tees to qualify for bulk pricing. Thanks

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Notes – Tee shirt Printing Quotations

We provide quality printed t-shirts at the best prices, the following notes will help you to get the best quote from us quickly.

  • Printing onto WHITE t-shirts is less labour intensive and therefore cheaper than coloured shirts generally.
  • The number of colours of the print (i.e. text, logo or image) you want printed impacts the cost of the tee shirt print run significantly. One colour print is cheapest option.
  • Front / Back – Use the Message box to tell us what text you want on the front/back of the t-shirt. Printing on one side is naturally cheaper than two sided printing.
  • Logos / Images – If you need a logo or image on the hen tshirt, in order to give you the most accurate and quickest quotation we need to see the logo / image so please fill in this form and email the logo/image to us on logos @ tshirts.ie
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