Go on … get your Stripey t-shirts on !

An artist is planning to turn Margate into a haven for stripes.

He is appealing for the public to join him in the town on Saturday (Mar 14).

His aim is to get as many people as possible to participate by wearing stripes.

The artist is fascinated by stripes and has worn a stripy T-shirt every day for the last eight years.

At a previous living painting event, people of all ages wearing stripy clothing converged on a shopping centre with instructions to congregate in the cafés and only give their seat up to someone else wearing stripes.

The cafés in the shopping centre became vibrant with stripes.

For the free event in Margate, Jacob has invited fellow stripes fans to meet at the Project Space in Margate High Street at 1.30pm.

He wants you to bring along your stripey jumpers and stripey T-shirts ready to follow a route visiting cafés and visitor attractions around Margate.

There will be some striped clothing available to borrow for the event if you request it in advance.

So go on get your stripes tee shirts on !!

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