Slogan tshirts

“I`m sorry, I`m allergic to stupid people.” There are some things that you can`t say in real life, but you can wear them on a t-shirt. When it comes to regular social etiquette, t-shirt slogans launch the rules right out of the window, turning jokes reserved for Christmas crackers and statements of bemused contempt into […]

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Dirty Habit T-shirt design criticised

SUPERSTAR WA footballer Buddy Franklin’s debut as a high-end T-shirt designer may be shot down in flames – thanks to a design that may breach anti-tobacco advertising laws. The controversial T-shirt features a large print of a model smoking, underscored with the words: DIRTY HABIT. Anti-smoking group Quit has complained loudly about the shirt – […]

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Bob Dylan artwork T-shirt

Artwork produced by legendary folk singer/songwriter Bob Dylan is to go on sale in the UK, it has been announced. All of the pieces being offered were completed by Dylan between 1989 and 1992 and belong to a portfolio known as The Drawn Blank Series. Each piece is signed and dated by the star, with […]

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Fishy Tees !

When Steve Fisher, a vendor at the Saturday Hingham Farmers Market, was laid off from his job last May, he turned the challenge into a victory. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Fisher and his wife, Jill, grabbed onto the opportunity of turning his artistic abilities and love for fishing and her marketing skills into a […]

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World goes nuts for three wolf moon t-shirt

World reaches us from’s Charlotte Cowell that a global internet sensation has been caused by a slighlty odd looking pastiche t-shirt of 3 wolves howling at the moon ! According to Cowell “The maker of the three wolf moon t-shirt, The Mountain, has found itself with an overnight internet sensation that’s increased the company’s […]

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